New Issue: ‘Innovative ways to discover Canada’ in Mint’s latest numismatic catalogue

Another month, another catalogue of coins from the Royal Canadian Mint.

This month, the Mint continues to creatively expand its numismatic repertoire with material that innovates and preserves time-honoured craftsmanship. This is seen with two Mint firsts: a 2017-dated $20 Fine silver coin, “Under the Sea: Seahorse,” features a Mint-first “murrini” (a coloured glass seahorse sculpture fused inside a round glass bead); and the 2017-dated Fine silver coin, “Nature’s Adornment,” features the Mint’s first-ever niobium embellishment of an iridescent dragonfly silhouette hovering over an aquatic landscape.

The “Nature’s Adornment” coin, which was illustrated by Emily Damstra, has a weight of 31.39 grams; a 38-mm diameter; and a mintage of 6,000 pieces. For more information about this new issue, watch the video below.

Other highlights include the 2017-dated Fine silver Maple Leaf Quartet designed by artist Celia Godkin. This collection of four square-shaped coins fit together like pieces of a puzzle to create a mosaic of an iconic maple leaf. The quartet has a mintage of 7,500 units; a weight of 47.4 grams; a 27-mm-by-27-mm diameter; and a face value of $12 ($3 for each square). For more information about the Maple Leaf Quartet, watch the video below.

The Mint is also rekindling its tribute to the cultural celebration of Diwali: The Festival of Lights, with a duo of Fine silver and pure gold coins designed by artist Sarindar Dhaliwal. Both of these one-ounce coins combine Hindu, Sikh and Jain symbols with the beloved maple leaf to create a distinctly Indo-Canadian celebration of this important cultural festival.

The Mint is also kicking off its latest celebration of the Chinese Lunar Year with the 2017 $15 Fine silver coin – “Lunar Lotus: Year of the Rooster” – designed by Three Degrees Creative Group.

Other coins available in the Mint’s latest release include:

  • the one-kilogram 2016 $2,500 pure gold coin, “The Arms of Canada;”
  • the 2016 $15 Fine silver coin, “National Heroes: Military,” designed by Ken Ryan;
  • the 2017 $10 Fine silver coin, “Celebrating Canada’s 150th: Lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove,” featuring Dale Wilson’s photograph of the famed Nova Scotia landmark at dawn;
  • the 2016 $20 Fine silver coin, “Aircraft of the First World War Series: Curtiss H-12,” designed by David A. Oram;
  • the 2017 $20 Fine silver coin, “Landscape Illusion: Pronghorn,” illustrated by Julius T. Csotonyi;
  • the 2016 Fine silver Big Coin Series, “Two Dollar Coin;”
  • the 2016 $20 Fine silver coin, “The Benevolent Bison,” featuring the work of artist Doug Comeau;
  • the 2017 25-Cent pure gold coin, “Predator vs. Prey: Inuit Arctic Fox,” designed by Andrew Qappik;
  • the 2017 $20 Fine silver coin, “Snowflake,” featuring a magnified view of an ice crystal designed by Don Komarechka, rendered in blue glitter enamel;
  • the 2017 pure gold Maple Leaf Fractional Set, “A Celebration of Canada (1867-2017),” featuring reverse designs by artist Lisa Thomson-Khan;


    This 2016 25-cent coin, ‘Haunted Canada: Bell Island,’ is part of the Mint’s September catalogue.

  • the 2016 25-cent coin, “Haunted Canada: Bell Island;”
  • the 2016 $200 pure gold coin, “Star Trek: Delta Coin;”
  • the 2016 $10 Fine silver coin, “Star Trek: Spock;”
  • the 2016 $20 Fine silver coin, “Star Trek: Mirror, Mirror;”
  • the 2016 $20 Fine silver coin, “DC Comics Originals: THE DARK KNIGHT;”
  • the 2016 $20 Fine silver coin, “DC Comics Originals: THE TRINITY;”
  • the crystal-enhanced 2016 $5 Fine silver coin marking October in the Mint’s ongoing Birthstone Series; and
  • the 2016 Holiday Gift Set.

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