Former CCN columnist seeks reviewers for new book

Ted Banning, the author of CCN’s “World of Money” column from about 2011-19, has more recently been working on a book manuscript tentatively titled Tokens of Esteem: Tangible Legacies of Early Canadian Numismatists, which is now near completion.

To finish his 10-year manuscript project, Banning is now seeking numismatic researchers who can read and comment on “one or two” sections of the book, he said this August. The main part of the book consists of biographies of early Canadian collectors and dealers along with a catalogue of the coins, countermarks, tokens, medals, banknotes – and in one case, the stamps – they designed, issued, ordered or are named on.

“I would appreciate reviewers’ checks on the accuracy of the text and catalogue and ask them to make suggestions or provide information they may have regarding missing information,” said Banning, an anthropology professor at the University of Toronto for more than three decades.

“For example, although I’ve done the best to scour auction records for examples not in my collection, there still are many medals and tokens for which I lack data on weight or die axis. It is also possible that my catalogue is missing some varieties,” he said, referencing potential alloys he hasn’t seen as an example. “A few of you have already helped me out, but I am trying to widen the net.”

Some of the many numismatists featured in Banning’s book include:

  • Dolphis Archambault;
  • Louis-François-George Baby;
  • Stanley C. Bagg;
  • Philip Bajus;
  • A. W. Banfield;
  • L. R. Baridon;
  • E. W. Barton;
  • A. J. Boucher;
  • Fred Bowman;
  • Pierre Napoléon Breton;
  • Charles P. Brown;
  • F. R. E. Campeau;
  • E. Adélard Cardinal;
  • L. J. Casault;
  • P.-J.-O. Chauveau;
  • Thomas Church;
  • John T. Crawford;
  • Joseph B. Dagan;
  • A. D. Desjardins;
  • Alfred Desjardins;
  • Alfred Desroches;
  • Edwin W. Duggan;
  • Philip W. Ellis;
  • Matthew C. Ellis;
  • J. Douglas Ferguson;
  • James E. Gass;
  • Robert G. Gass;
  • R. W. Geary;
  • Jeremiah Gibbs;
  • David R. Gibson;
  • E. D. Gibson;
  • A. A. J. Gingras;
  • Ludger Gravel;
  • Frank J. Grenny;
  • Joseph-Édouard Guilbault;
  • Samuel S. Heal;
  • Louis A. Hoerner;
  • George Holmes;
  • Joseph Hooper;
  • L.-A. Huguet-Latour;
  • Farrar Ineson;
  • William Jeffs;
  • Thomas D. King;
  • A. Napoléon Lalonde;
  • George F. Landon;
  • Louis Laurin;
  • W. A. D. Lees;
  • Joseph Leroux;
  • M. E. Lymburner;
  • J. D. B. F. Mackenzie;
  • J. O. Marchand;
  • W. R. Martin;
  • H. O. Martineau;
  • John McCaul;
  • W. R. McColl;
  • R. W. McLachlan;
  • Ewen McLeod;
  • Thomas J. Mocock;
  • Stuart Mosher;
  • Edward Murphy;
  • P. S. Murphy;
  • John Appleton Nutter;
  • Nils Öhman;
  • Eugene O’Keefe;
  • Oronhyatekha;
  • F. X. Paquet;
  • Charles Picault;
  • J. P. Prud’homme;
  • J. T. Roberge;
  • G. J. N. Robillard;
  • T. H. Robinson;
  • J. H. Roy;
  • M. A. Sanders;
  • Alfred Sandham;
  • Henry Scadding;
  • W. A. Shaw;
  • George Sleeman;
  • Arthur Smith;
  • W. T. Smith;
  • Abram Southard;
  • B. F. Stapleton;
  • Albert Stern;
  • James Stevenson;
  • Henry Stuebing;
  • Stewart M. Thomson;
  • Henry J. Tiffin;
  • Pierre O. Tremblay;
  • l’Abbé H.-A. Verreau;
  • Byron Edmund Walker;
  • Albert E. Way;
  • R. J. Wicksteed;
  • R. W. Williams;
  • W. W. C. Wilson; and
  • David A. Woods.

“Alternatively, I could send you sections that refer to paper money (e.g., O’Keefe, Stevenson, Walker) or certain classes of medals (e.g., Banfield, Ellis),” Banning said, adding his book includes a section in the introductory chapter on manufacturers plus another chapter covering earlier medals of the Numismatic and Antiquarian Society, Société Numismatique d’Ottawa and Toronto Coin Club; Canada-related medals for the American Numismatic Association; and Thomas Elder’s Canada-related tokens.

As a professor, Banning’s 212 research publications mainly focusing on North American and Middle Eastern archaeology and listed on ResearchGate, a professional network for scientists and researchers, have been cited more than 2,000 times.

Banning, who also runs a YouTube account called the Archaeologist’s Laboratory, can be reached via email at

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