Volume 54 – #22

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Volume 54#22

February 7 – February 20, 2017

Lot 223 features this pair of Canadian Egypt Boatman medals. This lot has a pre-sale estimate of $4,800.

Hoare CAND auction offers Jack Lavis token collection

Tokens will dominate the numismatic portion of Jeffrey Hoare Auctions’ Jan. 29, 2017 sale, being held in conjunction with the Canadian Association of Numismatic Dealers annual show in Hamilton. The tokens, coming from the collection of collector and dealer Jack C. Lavis, are extensive, covering the era from the French Regime to post-Confederation. It includes Lots 95 and 96, a pair of rare blacksmith tokens. Considered contemporary counterfeits, blacksmith tokens received their name because it was once claimed they were created by a blacksmith to support his drinking habit. They are known for small flans and poorly struck images, often in mirror form of the original token. Lot 95 is a Warehouse/JB in script, BL-31, About Fine and estimated at $1,200; while Lot 96 is a bust left and Britannia facing right, BL-38A2, VG with a tiny clip and some verdigris, estimated at $2,000. There are also five lots of jetons – French counting pieces used as a medium of exchange. Continue reading →

Mint phasing out face value program
Page 1
Canadian crowd finds its niche at FUN
Page 1
A Beginner’s Guide to Coin Collecting
Page 6
A brush with the 1911 silver dollar
Page 9
Discover the 2017 edition of Coins of Canada
Page 24
À la découverte de l’édition 2017 de Monnaies du Canada
Page 25
The ‘art’ of handling your coins
Page 33

CCN Trends
Focus on Canadian paper money
Page 12
CCN Marketplace
Are you buying or selling?
Page 30
Show & Bourse
Check out the shows in your area
Page 33
My numismatic autobiography

My earliest recollection of having a fascination with coinage came in 1967 when I was four years old. So 2017 actually marks the 50th anniversary of my ‘obsession’. I did not begin actively collecting coins until 1971, however, at the ripe old age of eight. My collecting interests now include Canadian municipal and commemorative medals, coin club medals, centennial collectibles, municipal trade currency, Canadian decimals, Chartered and Government of Canada banknotes and a host of other items. My involvement in organized Numismatics began around 1975 and since that time, I have become progressively more active.

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By Jim Szeplaki
Stanley Clute
Notes & Bills
Nova Scotia banks range from short-lived to modern-day gia
Page 8
Peter Mosiondz, Jr.
Collecting 101
Completeness rarely the goal of medal collectors
Page 10

Jeff Fournier
Numismatic Fringe
New military challenge coins issued
Page 20
Tim Grawey
Colonial Tokens
Piecing together numismatists’ observations bring clarity
Page 22

Ted Banning
The World of Money
Lancashire collector was London Numismatic Society founder
Page 26
John Regitko
Errors & Varieties
Diving Goose dollars still subject of controversy
Page 28

Mike Walsh
New Issues
New numismatic issues from around the world
Page 32

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