Volume 51 – #08

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Volume 51#08

July 30 – August 12, 2013

The Royal Cypher of Queen Elizabeth II has been preserved for posterity on this collectible one-ounce black rhodium-plated silver coin, released in 2023 by the Mint to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth II.

Secord coin makes trek into Canadian pockets

"Honouring the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 with this special circulation coin pays tribute to one of our greatest national heroes and reminds us that women and men of all backgrounds played instrumental roles on the road to Confederation,” said Nicholson. “Our government encourages Canadians to take this unprecedented opportunity to learn more about our heroes and history and to take pride in our traditions by collecting this new circulation coin dedicated to War of 1812 hero Laura Secord.” Continue reading →

Guinea returns to gold origins on 350th anniversary
Page 23
Iceberg alley on 20 for 20
Page 23

Focus on Maritimes
Page 24
CCN Marketplace
Are you buying or selling?
Page 28
Show & Bourse
Check out the shows in your area
Page 31
Demand, rarity do not always go hand in hand

One of the really difficult things for burgeoning collectors to grasp is the concept of how rarity affects the price of a coin. That is usually because they fail to look at demand. Take, for instance, errors. By definition most of the really spectacular errors are unique; freak coins produced when something went horribly wrong. They are often, when the nature of the error, year, and denomination are considered, literally one-of-a-kind coins.

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By Bret Evans
Carolyn Mullin
Numismatic Profile
Japanese technique inspires Arctic art
Page 8
Tony Hine
Canadian Key Dates
Centennial spawned variety of packaging for special coin ...
Page 10

Stanley Clute
Ancient Money
Coins tell the story of Rome’s first emperor
Page 12
Peter Mosiondz, Jr.
Collecting 101
The many joys of coin collecting
Page 13

Ted Banning
The World of Money
Advertising tokens a testament to carpenter’s career and ...
Page 18
Tim Grawey
Colonial Tokens
Introduction of coinage in New France faced many obstacles
Page 22

Carolyn Mullin
New Issues
Joint release honours Australian paper
Page 32

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