Canada 150 coins capture ‘heartfelt expressions’

Five consecutive press conferences were held across Canada on Nov. 2 when the Royal Canadian Mint announced the winning designs of the Canada 150 circulating coins. Here, St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzik joins Wesley Klassen whose design will appear on the 150th anniversary one-dollar coin. The unveiling took place at the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre in St. Catharines. Photo by Rachel Lieske.

An eight-year-old Richmond Hill girl, Joelle Wong, is among the Canadians whose designs have been selected for the Canada 150 circulating coins coming out next year. Wong’s design, which will appear on the 25-cent coin, is called Hope, and shows a bird, turtle, and beaver with a plant stem and pair of hands. “I love animals and green spaces and that gave me the idea of showing my hope for Canada’s future in a painting that celebrates the importance of our nature and native Canadian culture,” said Wong. “It’s amazing that so many Canadians liked my way of wishing a happy birthday to my beautiful homeland — Canada!” Continue reading →

Collectors, clubs should consider commemorative issue for 2017

Many years ago, a dear collecting friend of mine, a former president of the Nipissing Coin Club, and a true collector, through and through – Bill Caesar – told me something that I have never forgotten. “We’re collectors and it is our duty to not only collect coins, but also to pass along our interest and enthusiasm to others. … We should all be issuing something numismatic as well … a coin, token, or medal.” That stuck with me. And Bill practiced what he preached. He never issued any fancy medals or tokens, but he derived a lot of pleasure from taking a shiny new cent, encasing it in a two-by-two holder and stamping it with the Nipissing Coin Club logo. He would then pass out hundreds of these to fellow club members, to the public when he displayed his collection at the mall or library, or he would simply hand one over to any kid that he thought might appreciate it. Continue reading →

Use a little ‘uncommon cents’ to promote hobby

For many years, the Royal Canadian and American Numismatic Associations organized special events, making a concerted effort to showcase our fine hobby to the public each October during “Coin Week.” A unique ANA initiative asked individual collectors, clubs and coin dealers to distribute inexpensive collector coins: the type readily available to the collector community, but rarely seen by the public. The ANA suggested the collecting community use some of these coins to make purchases at their local convenience stores, at the mall or anywhere else that an average person might shop and could receive one of these inexpensive “collector” coins in their change. What a great idea it was. What’s stopping any one of us from doing that in our communities today, even though we no longer have an organized coin week in Canada? Continue reading →

History draws top dollars at Hoare sale

A scarce Indian chief medal from King George II sold for the full estimate of $5,000 before the buyer’s premium and taxes. It is the second Indian medal to be sold by Hoare this year.

It seems that history is in demand, with auction lots with a story going for big bucks at Jeffrey Hoare Auctions’ September sale. “The sale went very well,” Wendy Hoare said. “History is something that everyone is interested in and want to own. The lots with history were highly contested.” One example was an Indian medal from King George III, with the monarch’s effigy on one side and the Royal Coat of Arms on the other. Described as VG the 76.7 mm medal is missing the original loop suspension, and has a small hole below so the medal could be worn, and a broken section on the rim. King George III reigned from 1760 to 1820 and medals were awarded to First Nations peoples as a sign of friendship and loyalty. The medal had a pre-sale estimate of $5,000 and was hammered down for the full amount. Prices quoted in this article are hammer price, and do not include taxes and buyer’s premium. Continue reading →

Consider numismatic pairings

Like pairing a fine wine with a delectable meal, numismatic items like coins, currency, tokens and medals, can be matched with other collectibles to enhance their appeal, create dazzling exhibits and to add a little extra flair and enjoyment to your collecting life. I happen to have a passion for collecting just about anything. While I admit that numismatics is my number one hobby and first love, I find that collecting other items such as old postcards, old books, old magazines, art and old newspapers (and I’ve only touched the tip of the iceburg here!) is not only satisfying for my soul, but also an interesting way to enhance my coin collection and, in a perfect way, to satiate cravings for all things related to history – especially Canadian history. Continue reading →

Earlier consignments brings out new Indian medal

Earlier auction activity has led to the consignment of this King George III Indian Chief Peace medal, of a pattern issued in the late 1700s.

Once again, Jeffrey Hoare Auctions has an Indian Chief Medal listed in an upcoming sale, scheduled to be offered in the firm’s Sept. 17-18 sale, held in conjunction with the London Numismatic Society. The medal is a King George III medal, with the monarch’s effigy on one side and the Royal Coat of Arms on the other, Jamieson 6. Described as VG the 76.7 mm medal is missing the original loop suspension, and has a small hole below so the medal could be worn, and a broken section on the rim. It has an estimate of $5,000. Continue reading →

‘You are going, period.’

This is a very important column! Today, I am asking you to take a good, hard look at your collection and ask yourself, “what will happen to it when I’m gone?” You’re not immortal. None of us are. So the day will come, when you will no longer be around to take care of your ‘precious.’ At the recent RCNA convention held in Ottawa, Michael Turrini, one of the keynote speakers at the educational symposium, reminded us all of this when he stated, “You are going. PERIOD!” Continue reading →

It’s all about coins and people

I’ve just returned from another fabulous RCNA convention and once again, I’m having a very difficult time deciding just what the highlight of the six-day event was. Running from July 19 until July 24, the convention had so many great moments and events that I certainly won’t be able to cover them all in this column, but if you continue reading the articles that follow in this and future issues of Canadian Coin News, you will soon get a feel for what a wonderful experience it was to attend this truly remarkable, annual event. I think Jeff Garrett, the president of the esteemed American Numismatic Society (ANA), summed it up best in his address to the attendees at the 2016 convention banquet held on Saturday, July 24. Continue reading →

Chet Krause left his imprint on CCN

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to meet, and get to know, some numismatic giants. Unfortunately, many are not with us anymore. Not that long ago I added another name to the list of great numismatists I will no longer see: Chet Krause. Among collectors his name is legendary. Shortly after the Second World War, Chet started Numismatic News working from his home. The publication was a hit, and Chet soon added other coin publications, expanded to other hobbies, and even launched a series of successful trade publications. Throughout all of it he retained a simple humility even after Krause Publications, with hundreds of employees, became the major employer in his hometown of Iola, Wisconsin. Continue reading →

Canadian numismatists owe a debt to Chet Krause

Chester 'Chet' Krause of Iola, Wisconsin launched what was then known as Canada Coin News in June 1963. The popular and successful hobby publisher died in June 2016.

Volume 1 No. 1 of Canada Coin News, as it was then known, was officially launched on June 3, 1963 by publisher, Chester L. Krause of Iola, Wisconsin. He was likely better known as the founder of Numismatic News and for his hobby publishing empire, Krause Publications; but without Krause’s efforts in creating CCN, who knows what state Canadian numismatics might be in today. For this reason, Canadian numismatists owe him a debt of gratitude. Early on, several problems had arisen for Coin News, mostly due to its unusual publishing arrangement. While the content of the paper and its writers resided in Canada, the publishing took place in Iola, Wisconsin. Krause realized that this could not go on for too long and, by August of 1963, operations were moved to Canada. Now, with the exception of the owner, Coin News was an entirely Canadian operation. Gracing the front of the premier issue was a set of 1963 Canadian coins and of course, a large prominent title “CANADA COIN NEWS.” Continue reading →

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