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    My fiancee and I have $30k in student loan debt and $10k of credit card debt. The credit card debt is entirely from the five to six month period when my fiancee was unemployed and couldn’t find a job. Since July, we make a combined $60k a year (around $30k each). I’m 30, have no retirement account, no emergency fund, and I can’t possibly see how I’ll ever own a home (which I really, really want).

    I’ve read a ridiculous amount of frugal and personal finance blogs, articles, reddit posts, and books to pay down our debt ASAP. I’ve gotten my spending almost as tight as it can be, but every day all I can think about is my budget:

    Every fill-up at the gas station is disheartening.

    Our weekly trip to the grocery store ruins my mood.

    Each paycheck only makes me depressed at my lack of progress paying down debt.

    I hate my coworkers who talk about going out to bars, shopping for houses, or managing their retirement accounts.

    All I ever talk about with my fiancee is budget and how our debt is crippling our dreams. She’s trying to get me to cheer up about it, but it’s literally all I think about every day.

    Worst of all is that every time my fiancee starts talking about wedding plans, all I can see is the budget. Both of our fathers have promised to help with the wedding, but one just lost his job yesterday and the other one is in a temporary position that ends next month. This is supposed to be a happy occasion, but I feel totally underwater, drowning in debt, and seriously depressed about it.

    Plus, whenever I buy something for myself (like a video game once every other month to distract myself with friends), I get even more depressed that I bought something that wasn’t an absolute necessity!

    And don’t even get me started on Christmas shopping.

    Question: What can I do to have a decent outlook on life and stop thinking about budgets every second of every day (without completely bailing on being frugal and paying down my debt ASAP)?


    Honestly, I couldn’t keep a positive attitude when I was $40,000 in debt. I was constantly thinking about it and looking in my head for ways in which I could get out of debt. I ended up stumbling across this Pacific Debt Relief Review on the internet that I was able to read about how to get out of debt.
    As a result, I got rid of all my debts and I am a completely free man!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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