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    With such similar-sounding words, it can be tough to remember the difference between afferent and efferent . That’s why it’s important to focus on the difference in what they do first. You can think of afferent and efferent neuron pathways as one-way streets. The traffic can only flow in one direction – afferent neurons only take information to the central nervous system, and efferent neurons only take it away from the central nervous system. Afferent and efferent neurons are part of your somatic nervous system, which is responsible for all the voluntary muscle movements in your body. When you kick a ball, scratch your head, or do push-ups at the gym, afferent and efferent neurons are evaluating stimuli and allowing you to respond. Interneurons, on the other hand, are part of the central nervous system. Our nervous system is divided into two parts. The central nervous system includes the brain and the spinal cord. The peripheral nervous system consists of a network of neurons, which spans the organs, the muscles, and the body. The neurons in both systems work together to help us think, survive and act on the world around us. Afferent is used to describe things like nerves, blood vessels, and arteries that lead toward or bring things to an organ, such as the heart or brain. Efferent means the opposite—it’s used to describe parts that carry or lead things away from organs or other parts. Think of the e in efferent as standing for the exit. Afferent and efferent neurons are two major types of neurons present in the nervous system. Afferent neurons bring nerve impulses generated by the sensory organs to the central nervous system. Receptors of the sensory organs receive external stimuli and generate nerve impulses and send them to the brain and spinal cord through the afferent neurons, which are sensory neurons. Therefore, they send signals in one direction.

    Afferent vs Efferent- Understanding Nervous System

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