Volume 54 – #09

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Volume 54#09

August 9 – August 22, 2016

Chester 'Chet' Krause of Iola, Wisconsin launched what was then known as Canada Coin News in June 1963. The popular and successful hobby publisher died in June 2016.

Canadian numismatists owe a debt to Chet Krause

Volume 1 No. 1 of Canada Coin News, as it was then known, was officially launched on June 3, 1963 by publisher, Chester L. Krause of Iola, Wisconsin. He was likely better known as the founder of Numismatic News and for his hobby publishing empire, Krause Publications; but without Krause’s efforts in creating CCN, who knows what state Canadian numismatics might be in today. For this reason, Canadian numismatists owe him a debt of gratitude. Early on, several problems had arisen for Coin News, mostly due to its unusual publishing arrangement. While the content of the paper and its writers resided in Canada, the publishing took place in Iola, Wisconsin. Krause realized that this could not go on for too long and, by August of 1963, operations were moved to Canada. Now, with the exception of the owner, Coin News was an entirely Canadian operation. Gracing the front of the premier issue was a set of 1963 Canadian coins and of course, a large prominent title “CANADA COIN NEWS.” Continue reading →

Lack of funds needn’t dampen your enjoyment of the hobby
Page 1
Beaverworks president thankful for Newfie honesty
Page 1
Charlton’s 29th paper money catalogue set for August release
Page 6
Loss of master dies not the only guffaw on road to Canada’s ‘loonie’ coin in 1987
Page 24
Unusual nickel
Page 33

CCN Trends
Focus on Proof-Like singles
Page 12
CCN Marketplace
Are you buying or selling?
Page 28
Show & Bourse
Check out the shows in your area
Page 33
Chet Krause left his imprint on CCN

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to meet, and get to know, some numismatic giants. Unfortunately, many are not with us anymore. Not that long ago I added another name to the list of great numismatists I will no longer see: Chet Krause. Among collectors his name is legendary. Shortly after the Second World War, Chet started Numismatic News working from his home. The publication was a hit, and Chet soon added other coin publications, expanded to other hobbies, and even launched a series of successful trade publications. Throughout all of it he retained a simple humility even after Krause Publications, with hundreds of employees, became the major employer in his hometown of Iola, Wisconsin.

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By Jim Szeplaki
Tim Grawey
Colonial Tokens
Mules prove elusive and thought-provoking
Page 9
John Regitko
Errors & Varieties
Straight-forward headings help sell errors online
Page 10

Stanley Clute
Notes & Bills
Queens have long reigned on Canadian paper
Page 17
Ted Banning
The World of Money
Ottawa civil servant was curator of Hart collection
Page 20

Lewis E. Tauber
Numismatic Collateral
Round and round U.S. Mint designs we go
Page 26
Mike Walsh
New Issues
New numismatic issues from around the world
Page 30

Jeff Fournier
Show Circuit
‘Favourite’ Brantford show a well-run event
Page 31

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