Volume 54 – #05

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Volume 54#05

June 14 – June 27, 2016

Les and Trixie Garvey of Garvey & Sons had an ‘above average’ weekend of sales and leads at the inaugural National Postage Stamp and Coin Show held May 13-15, 2016 at Mississauga’s International Centre.

‘Above-average’ National Postage Stamp & Coin Show provides ‘one of the busiest Sundays we’ve seen in a long time’

Expectations were exceeded when the hobbies of coin and stamp collecting joined forces in the Greater Toronto Area for Trajan Media’s three-day National Postage Stamp and Coin Show. Les Garvey, owner of Edmonton’s Garvey & Sons, said he enjoyed an “above-average” weekend, adding the final day, May 15, was “one of the busiest Sundays we’ve seen in a long time.” “Our sales were very good. We saw a lot of new collectors and made a lot of new customers, and we come here often, too,” said Garvey, who added he makes the nearly 3,500-kilometre trip east to Toronto four times each year. “Having more customers is always better for business, and with a lot of new people on our mailing list, it makes things much better. It’s always good to meet new collectors.” Continue reading →

Restructuring eats up Mint profit for 2015
Page 1
ONA exec’s ‘replica’ coin sale ad draws ire
Page 1
Mint pays tribute to four of society’s greatest heroes
Page 6

CCN Trends
Focus on Maritime coins
Page 12
CCN Marketplace
Are you buying or selling?
Page 30
Show & Bourse
Check out the shows in your area
Page 33
Collectors rule the market, but what is a collector?

The Royal Canadian Mint annual report is out, and once again the collector is king. For years, I have always looked at the numbers in our favourite crown corporation’s fiscal year end and pointed out the significant fact that sales to collectors has always been the most reliable, and generated the best profit margins, of anything the Mint does. This year it is official. Forgive me for being the “I told you so” guy, but I’ve been wrong often enough to enjoy it when I am right.

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By Jim Szeplaki
Ted Banning
The World of Money
Quebec numismatist modelled future collecting trends
Page 8
Tony Hine
Canadian Key Dates
Striking new metal learning curve spurred varieties
Page 10

Lewis E. Tauber
Numismatic Collateral
Medal commemorates Jews’ journey west
Page 17
Tim Grawey
Colonial Tokens
Token issuers’ business may have been ill-fated
Page 21

Jeff Fournier
Numismatic Fringe
Kingston Police medal commemorates 175 years
Page 22
Stanley Clute
Notes & Bills
Cartier’s legacy reflected on banknotes
Page 24

John Regitko
Errors & Varieties
1994 Mint study shows circulating coin options
Page 26
Jeff Fournier
Show Circuit
National Postage Stamp & Coin Show – a dealer’s perspective
Page 28

Mike Walsh
New Issues
New numismatic issues from around the world
Page 29

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