Volume 52 – #09

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Volume 52#09

August 12 – August 25, 2014

The World Cup’s colourful mascot, Fuleco, is featured on a $10 coin from Cook Islands.

World Cup memories live on in coins

As the world settles down from World Cup fever, coin collectors will have plenty of souvenirs to remember the 2014 games. FIFA – the sanctioning body for the event – recognizing the success of commemorative coins for events such as the Olympic Games, created its own official numismatic program back in 2004. In recent years, the company MDM (Münzhandelsgesellschaft Deutsche Münze) has been responsible for the development, promotion and roll-out of the official international commemorative coin program for the World Cup. The coins offered by MDM include gold and silver commemorative coins from 40 different countries. Understandably, many of the coins come from Germany, winner of the 2014 Cup. However most of the coins were created and struck before the competition started. Continue reading →

Can a coin issuer get its own name wrong? Believe it
Page 10
Special SML available through lone Canadian dealer
Page 14
Precise grading takes flight with WINGS
Page 34

CCN Trends
Focus on Maritimes
Page 28
Show & Bourse
Check out the shows in your area
Page 35
CCN Marketplace
Are you buying or selling?
Page 36
Reporters deserve yellow card, perhaps even red

Sometimes, I get a bit miffed at the general ignorance of some things that seem pretty basic to me. Now I’m not talking about the use of the term penny for one-cent coin, since that use has been sanctioned by no less an authority than the Royal Canadian Mint. I’m not even talking about the …

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By Bret Evans
Tim Grawey
Colonial Tokens
Addressing a coin shortage with the Rosa Americanas
Page 8
Stanley Clute
Notes & Bills
Toronto robbery caused long-term grief for banking industry
Page 12

Peter Mosiondz, Jr.
Collecting 101
To encapsulate or not? That is the question
Page 13
John Regitko
Errors & Varieties
A few tips on taking the perfect money shot
Page 16

Lewis E. Tauber
Numismatic Collateral
Second World War rationing did its part on home front
Page 40
Carolyn Mullin
New Issues
Flying high
Page 42

Ted Banning
The World of Money
CPR employee also earliest Canadian member of ANA
Page 44

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